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This year I prepared late for Christmas advent, so I don't have anything planned for the first and second.

Useful resources:

- Mr. P's advent paper strips, for writing out "Read Bible story" instructions.
- The Toymaker's movie tickets printable: Golden "tickets" printed on heavy yellow paper, then cut with wavy line scissors.
- Tiny advent boxes from Mr. Printables' Christmas Advent Calendar Street
- The Toymaker's Christmas crafts, including a Christmas pencil box. Here's her other pencil boxes.

Inside the advent boxes )
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I came across June Oberlander’s Slow and Steady Get Me Ready in a blog post about making room time CDs for little ones. We had the opportunity to try out one of the activities* earlier today.

Instead of making a cardboard egg puzzle, we simply used colorful plastic Easter eggs. I set one egg on a "wall" (a heavy book standing on its side), then made the egg fall and come apart while singing this rhyme:
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Could not put Humpty together again.

My two-year-old M quickly took over, making the eggs fall and "break" and putting them together again. When the eggs fall, he would exclaim "Oop!" because M is one dramatic toddler.

For extra verisimilitude, you/your kid can decorate the plastic egg with goggly eyes/sticker eyes and mouth.

ETA 04/13/15: M put playdoh in one end of the plastic egg to make it a wobbly egg. After Humpty fell and broke, he said "egg!," and gave it to me to "eat." X-D

* Age 2 - Week 1

02/50 learning moment ☆ 02/100 moments in multiples of 50 words
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This year my five-(and a half)-year-old will probably be getting three Christmas gifts. (None of the teeny-tiny Advent surprises costs over $1, except for going ice skating.) His 11-m.o. baby brother will most likely be more interested in the wrapping paper *g*

I hope I have enough variety in here and not be too materialistic.

I made the tiny boxes from Mr. Printables' Christmas Advent Calendar Street, black and white on pastel cardstock. I put two of the unusually sized advent treats on The Toymaker's pencil boxes. Should've gone with a Christmas pencil box instead, but I only browsed the website's holiday section today. Ah well, green elephants pencil box is cool.

I wrote the "Read Bible story" instruction on Mr. P's advent paper strips.
The golden "tickets" I printed on heavy yellow paper using The Toymaker's movie tickets printable. I then used wavy line scissors to cut out the tickets.

#17 ticket: Make a gadget (Skip counter) is a Math toy. The trebuchet is cool, but first I need better glue options or putting it together will be an exercise in frustration.

Chocolate = one Lindt truffle.

What's inside the advent boxes )
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I've been using Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons with my five-year-old. We started when he was four (and in preschool), and we're currently on lesson 52.

I felt uncomfortable relying on his kindergarten teacher to teach him reading, and I was right. The reading abilities of the 26 kindergarteners are all over the place—the six-year-olds understandably being a lot more advanced. (My kindergartner has a summer birthday.)

Most of 100 EL's example sentences are nonsensical, so I come up with sentences/passages for him to read. We will keep on with the book until lesson 70ish.

01/50 learning moment ☆ 01/100 moments in multiples of 50 words
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

This is to motivate me posting =)

All the lunchboxes posts and most of the learning moments posts will be public.
I'm willing to add non-empty journals.

I'm still undecided on whether the lunchboxes will be posted on DW, Tumblr or SnapDish or what.


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