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This year I prepared late for Christmas advent, so I don't have anything planned for the first and second.

Useful resources:

- Mr. P's advent paper strips, for writing out "Read Bible story" instructions.
- The Toymaker's movie tickets printable: Golden "tickets" printed on heavy yellow paper, then cut with wavy line scissors.
- Tiny advent boxes from Mr. Printables' Christmas Advent Calendar Street
- The Toymaker's Christmas crafts, including a Christmas pencil box. Here's her other pencil boxes.

The content of the advent boxes are:
3. Bible story: An angel appears to Mary;
Make a Christmas craft (Christmas tree kirigami)
4. Unusual size: Invisible ink pens
5. Ticket: Make a Christmas card
6. Ticket: Make hot chocolate
7. Christmas stickers
8. Bible story: An angel appears to Joseph
9. Ticket: Make a Christmas card
10. Christmas stickers
11. Ticket: Make a Christmas craft (The Toymakers' Workshop)
12. Christmas stickers
13. Bible story: Jesus is born
14. Flip motion book: Baby Jesus is Born
15. Christmas stickers
16. Ticket: Make a Christmas craft (The Toymakers' Workshop)
17. Christmas stickers
18. Bible story: Shepherds hear about baby Jesus
19. Flip motion book: Shepherds Watch
20. Christmas stickers
21. Ticket: cuddle under a blanket and read a story
22. Unusual size: origami planes book (not new)
23. Bible story: The Wise Men visit Jesus
24. Flip motion book: Wise Men Follow
25. Bible story: Jesus goes to the temple
25a. Two Christmas bell ornaments


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