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Even though they're 4.5 years apart, I have been teaching J and M Mandarin at the same time. Ideally, I should have had M learn Mandarin the moment he turned four, but I started teaching him reading (in English) instead.

We use Better Chinese's My First Chinese Words because they are targeted to non-Mandarin speakers. In contrast, SageBooks (Hong Kong publisher) require the students to be Mandarin/Chinese speakers. (SageBooks are like BOB books in that they teach children how to read).

I try to do Mandarin two, three times a week. I read one sentence and each child repeat after me. We do two 8-page picture books each session. M usually has the attention span for one picture book but not two.

So far we have done six sessions. In between sessions, I have J independently listen and repeat after the included CD.

M often acts silly and intentionally gives the wrong answers (e.g. "This is my grandfather" instead of "This is my father.") Usually I end up focusing on J when M has the sillies.

As expected, M's pronunciation is just beautiful. Being older, J has a harder time with pronunciation. (When J was four, his Mandarin accent was practically perfect too. Once he started kindergarten, we got busy with reading/writing/spelling/poetry/etc. and stopped doing Mandarin).

I was afraid that J, who just turned nine, would find the books boring because they’re a bit childish, but he has been motivated so far. Earlier today, he asked me to do Mandarin.

06/50 learning moment ☆ 06/100 moments in multiples of 50 words

There are 36 books in total; the following is my tentative lesson plan (also on Excel). If we do this three times a week, we should be done in a year; two times a week, a year and a half.

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