Mar. 21st, 2017

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A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

Oberon, who is furious at Titania, wants the Indian boy to work for him as a squire. Titania replies, "No, this is the son of a beloved friend." Oberon angrily takes revenge by making Titania fall in love with the first thing she sees, a man with a donkey's head. Puck mistakenly puts the flower's juice on the wrong person's eyes. Instead of making Demetrius fall in love with Helena, he ends up making Lysander fall in love with Helena. Since Titania is in love with Nick Bottom and isn't thinking right, Oberon successfully takes away the Indian boy. After he has the boy, Oberon reverses the enchantment on Titania.

Boxcar Children: The Mystery Cruise

The amazing Alden children, who are happily on vacation, meet Max on a cruise ship headed to Miami. Max wants to inherit his grandmother's house filled with antiques so he can open it as a museum, but someone is sabotaging him so he won't be able to get there in time to inherit. Tom/Thomas, who is in disguise, sabotages the trip by yelling "Man overboard!" and throwing something into the water. He tries to hide in the cabin during the passenger count, but the Alden children catch him. Tom also messes with the radio connections. The Alden children overhear Tom talking about 'C.' C turns out to be Carla, Max's cousin. The Alden children trick Tom into thinking the ship is arriving late. Max arrives on time, and Tom gets arrested.

J has learned and read passages from MND (and Twelfth Night) but not the entire play. I also read Charles & Mary Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare to him, so he knows the overarching plot of the play.

When he's a bit older I'll let him watch the 1999 movie (I didn't realize they're making another one). But I'd like to first finish reading Dawn Treader together so we can watch that movie together.
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Last week M sang the vowels "a" and "o" in the middle of a reading lesson. "They're vowels," he said. "Can we sing 't'? T - t - t. No, 't' is not a vowel. It's a consonant," he concluded.

We have been going through Denise Eide's Foundations Level A since M turned four last December. Almost every day we do read aloud time and then a reading/writing lesson for 6-10 minutes, or more. Nearly three months later, we are on lesson 17 and he has learned 9 phonograms.

Unlike 100 Easy Lessons, Foundations spend a long time laying down the foundation (pun intended) before tackling reading words. Students learn the "magic C" alphabets/phonograms first, because those are the easiest to write (a, c, d, g, o, qu). Compare this to learning 'm, s, p, a' first, where students will be able to read 'am, map, Pam, Sam' immediately.

In this program, reading words come at level 21 (after Review #4), and it is reading through spelling/writing. Foundations is more daunting compared to 100 EL and All About Reading. Then again, three months ago I would never imagine M sorting vowels and consonants by applying the singing test on them.

P.S. 'How to Develop Phonological Awareness' at All About Learning.

05/50 learning moment ☆ 05/100 moments in multiples of 50 words


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