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Who Was George Washington? by Roberta Edwards

The Treaty of Paris ensured peace between the United States and Britain. After the Revolutionary War, George Washington longed to retire and live a happy, restful life with his wife and stepchildren. However, everyone wanted him to be president. John Adams, who later became the second president of the United States, had the second most votes so he became vice president. Back then each state had two votes to decide who would be president. After serving two terms as president, George Washington retired. He thoughtfully decided that two terms were long enough for presidents. He passed away two years later.

I've let J's reading logs slide because of the holidays (December) and preparations for his school spelling bee (Feb 3). We're getting back on track starting this week =)
I might ask him to do "Who Is Barack Obama?" next. (He has read the book but hasn't written a report on it.)
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Who Was George Washington? by Roberta Edwards

American colonists did not want taxes on their tea, which was a very popular drink, because they were not represented in British parliament. They longed for freedom from the British government. General George Washington led the Continental Army against the British. Even though the army didn't have enough food and equipment, they eventually won against the British soldiers because they were fighting on home turf. More importantly, they wanted independence so badly that they were willing to die for it.

Boxcar Children: A Horse Named Dragon

The awesome Alden children catches a horse thief at Old Ranch trying to steal a bunch of horses. The horse thieves disguise the horses with hoof polish so people won't recognize the horses. The Alden children put together facts to solve the mystery. The thief steals a trailer covered with stickers to bring back two horses. One of the thieves, Vet, is arrested. Slim, who was making someone look bad, is given a second chance because he was the owner's best friend.

Extra that J typed on notepad (re: current U.S. spending on the military):

[Half a page of "!!!"]
The Americans are unbeatable since they pay A LOT for...defenses!
[Half a page of "!!!"]

It's night and day from the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.


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